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9 min readMay 6

a thank you note to the team that made it possible

My short film is finally out!

You can watch it on the Viddsee platform.

It is also on Youtube

Here’s a quick recap of the film’s journey.

2020 - I came across a news headline of a husband who refused to get a hospital bed for his wife because she can’t bear to sleep without him by her side. I was touched by the man’s action and decided to write a short film based on the headline.

2021 — I decided to write a 3-minute short and use it as my directing debut. I also wanted to submit it for a short film competition. The deadline drew near. Ultimately, I was advised not to rush and to work on the script more. I heeded that advice. Meanwhile I was further inspired to include AI after I read the book, AI SUPERPOWERS by Kai-Fu Lee. More rewrites ensued.

2022 — I took part in a pitch competition organized by Viddsee. I pitched a mini-series of 3 episodes about AI and eldercare. I was lucky. I won third prize. This meant I have a chance to see the script being produced.

2023 — Viddsee decided to do one episode instead. I compressed all three into one episode. 46 rewrites later, the script was finally ready to be shot.

Assembling The Team

John Donne said that no man is an island entirely of itself. I knew if I did this project by myself, I was going to flail and founder. I needed someone to help me with the budget planning, location and cast finding, and all the necessary logistical paperwork that needed to be done. I had to find a strong producer. I found one in my friend, Pok. He took a big load off my…

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